This Adorable Baby Flexes Muscles With His Dad

When are babies are little every single thing they do is a miracle. When they first smile, that first giggle, their first food, word, step. It’s all amazing. And what’s even more amazing is watching them watch us. Babies learn everything they do by watching us as they grow. That’s why this video is so special and just so adorable. Take a look!

I think one of my favorite memories is when my baby would be in her pack and play and we’d make faces back and forth to each other. She was so little at the time, barely able to stand while holding onto something, but she’d babble at me for hours and copy my face. Those moments will stay with me for life. I’m sure this father feels exactly that same way about this time with his baby. They are adorable together and these are the things he’ll remember for years to come.

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