This little chunky monkey decided it was well past time for her sleeping brother to wake up, and with a little help from her mama, she helped things along. Now, I don’t know about your kids, but mine never have woken up well. Watching this video I expected tears, or grumbling, or maybe a little pouting, but I never expected what her brother actually did. Take a look!

How sweet is Drew? Seriously, I can’t get over what an absolutely patient and sweet big brother this little has, and I think a bond like theirs is going to last a lifetime. I know that Drew’s definitely going to be the type of brother to protect this sweetie as she gets older, and I’m guessing this little heart breaker will always look up to her bubby with love in her heart. What an amazing family!

Nap time is always a sweet time for our kiddos.  But can you imagine how cute your little one would look in this adorable Shark Blanket & Sleep Sack?

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