This Inspiring Friendship Shows Hope And Positivity Like You’ve Never Seen!

Ellen has a way of bringing out the emotion in me, no matter what she’s doing. Whether it’s laughing at some antic she’s pulling, or crying at an emotional story, she always makes me feel. This story is no different. When Brian and Jackson became friends, they didn’t just become buds, they became besties for life. While Jackson was fighting in Afghanistan, Brian created memories for him back home that are unbelievable. A few years after Brian created those memories for Jackson, Brian was in an accident and paralyzed. Jackson stepped in to help his best friend in the most memorable way possible. Take a look!

“Part of the fun of life is not knowing what’s next.” I have no idea how I would respond to an injury like what Brian suffered, but I hope I have half the grace and tenacity. Life is an adventure, he says. Not knowing is what keeps us going. I am blown away by this man’s positivity and by this unbelievable friendship. I wish Brian and Jackson the best in their lives and hope to hear more about Brian’s adventures to come!

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