Jorge and Alexa Narvaez are a dynamic singing duo who just happen to be over twenty years apart in age. They’re also father and daughter. Jorge, a professional singer and guitar player, wanted to share his love of family and music with his daughters, so he decided to teach his daughter Alexis the lyrics to the song “Home.” What Jorge could never have imagined is how much this act of love would change his life, his daughters’ lives, and the lives of his entire family. Now viewed almost 30 million times, this version of “Home” is most definitely the most endearing version you’ll ever see. Take a look!

How amazing are these two? Spunky and confident Alexa shows absolutely no fear singing next to her daddy. And how amazing is he!? Seriously, I remember seeing this video before, but I’d forgotten how much it makes me tear up. I’m so glad this family has found so much success through their singing and I wish them years of success in the future!

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