My name is Mary and I have a confession: my entire life people have asked me where my lamb was. Not even kidding. Every single Mary on the planet knows my pain. I’ve combated this with jokes over the years, or rolled eyes, or fake laughs, but that didn’t make things any less annoying. Mary does NOT have a little lamb, and she has no intentions of ever having one. With that being said, THIS girl DOES have a lamb, and it’s probably the cutest little lamb on the planet. Take a look at how they play! How funny is that lamb? I don’t know where she lives that she’s got two baby lambs in her living room, but I’m guessing it’s either in the country or on a farm. They’re super sweet, and I imagine being raised in a super happy environment. My kids laughed and laughed when they saw it. They’ve never seen lambs before (other than on Easter cards) and didn’t know they jump like that. Now that’s all they can talk about. Which is fine by me, because I’d rather have them talking about lambs than remembering that they’ve been trying to talk me into getting a new kitten!

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