There are obedient dogs, and then there’s Luke. This german shepherd goes above and beyond when it comes to being an obedient dog. Like, I’m guessing there were no issues getting Luke to learn to sit. Or lie down. I bet Luke can even high five like a champ. But what really blows me away is what happens when Luke is told to go fetch Jack. Take a look! Seriously, have you ever seen anything like that? I don’t know about you, but I kind of wish I had a Luke at my house. He could fetch my kids when they don’t come in after I’ve called them. He could fetch the kittens when they get ‘lost’ in the house. I think Luke is a special dog who would probably do anything you ask of him. And I’m so glad he’s got the puppy parents he has – parents willing to share his uniqueness with the world. Keep on being you, Luke! I hope you have a long and very happy life.

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