Kids have proven time and time again just how exceptional they can be in the face of an emergency, and little Savannah is no different. When her father started showing signs of distress, Savannah knew just what to do. Her father started calling 911, but Savannah had to take over when he could no longer talk. She not only gave all the information she needed to give, but managed to save her father’s life. Only, the story doesn’t end there. Once you hear what Savannah says to the operator, you won’t be able to stop smiling at the cuteness of this adorable little hero. Take a look! I tell you, this little girl stayed calm in a way that I don’t think a lot of adults could manage. Not only that, but she managed to reassure her father along the way AND have enough time to worry about her wardrobe! How adorable and amazing is she? I don’t know where Savannah is now, but I hope when she grows up she becomes a 911 operator – she’d be perfect! Great job, sweetie! Thank you for being the hero your daddy needed.

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