Watching littles eat that first birthday cake is something we all love. It’s just one of those rites of passage that doesn’t ultimately mean much, but still means so much to everyone who gets to take part in it. Maybe it’s the signification that baby is no longer just a baby…that, in a way, baby can now feed themselves. And it’s always so interesting to see how babies experience this differently. Some babies go in timidly, not sure how to deal with the cake in front of them, while some dive in like they’ve been preparing for this moment their entire lives. The baby in this video is definitely a diver. And it’s amazing, take a look! Seriously, I don’t know how they prepared her for this moment, or if that’s just this baby’s personality, but how funny is she? She reminds me of that raccoon drinking milk. You know, the one that dunks his head in and only comes up once he needs air? That’s this baby. But instead of milk, it’s cake. Glorious, amazing first birthday cake. And I’m so glad her family caught it for the world to see. Happy birthday, little one! I hope you never lose that zest for life!

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