Dogs can make me smile, no matter how bad my mood is, and this one is no exception. When Zeus the husky decides he’d rather take a bath than take a walk, he waits in the bathtub for his owner to change her mind. Only, she’s decided it’s definitely time for a walk – not a bath – and Zeus throws probably the cutest puppy tantrum you’ll ever see! Take a look! I don’t know what Zeus is saying during that whole exchange, but I’ve never seen a dog so determined to take a bath before in my life! I wish it was even half as easy to convince my dogs to take baths. Instead, I’ve got them jumping over my shoulders and trying their hardest to get away from the tub. It’s so bad that I usually have to take a bath after them just to get Their bath off of me! Still, all I can say is hopefully Zeus got a bath soon after the walk and is a happy pup once again.

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