Ellen loves babies. If you’ve ever seen her show you know that she goes bananas for babies. Not that she wants to be a baby mama, but she’ll always happily take your babies. That’s what makes this clip so very special. Audience member Jessica wrote in telling Ellen about some of the struggles she and her Navy husband face, one of which is not having a reliable vehicle. Ellen surprised Jessica by inviting her onto the show, and giving her a car. What no one expected was just how taken Ellen would be with Jessica’s baby, Bella. You can watch the whole clip below, or watch Ellen with the baby at 05:30…take a look! Have you seen anything more adorable? And how cute is it that Bella and Ellen match? So cute. Ellen’s always so generous when she does these things, but I think Jessica could never have imagined the car, and everything else Ellen gave. It truly was emotional watching her life change! Thanks to Ellen for her always generous spirit, and best wishes to Jessica and baby! Want to see more inspiring videos? “I Knew Her Before She Was Born…” Says Walt Manis About His Daughter Chloe Selena Gomez Danced With This Adorable Fan, And It’s The Coolest Thing Ever Selena Gomez and Audrey Dance Ellen and babyin

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