Did You Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Take A Bath In Jello?

If you’re a kid, or a kid at heart (like me), you’ve probably spent at least a fair amount of time wondering what it would be like to take a bath in weird things. Spaghetti…pudding…but more than anything, Jello. There’s something about that wiggly, jiggly dessert that just invites you to dive in. Well, this Youtuber did Just That! Roi has been known to take baths in some pretty weird things, but Jello is by and far my favorite. And even though it was apparently super cold, I want to try it now more than ever before! Take a look!

Seriously, at one point he Literally dove in…something I’ve dreamed about since I was six. Maybe earlier! I’m not sure how I’d ever get all that Jello off of the walls and floor and I’m not certain what it would do to my drain, but at least Roi looks like he had the time of his life. The best part is that now my kids share in my dream. After watching this together, they’re already plotting how we can fill a kiddie pool with the stuff. Good luck, kids, if you succeed I’m totally filming it!

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