This Man’s Reaction To An Unspillable Cup Is Exactly How We’d ALL React!

Not gonna lie, when I saw the unspillable cup at Walmart the other day I thought, “Really? Really now. That’s totally a gimmick.” And I believed that until I saw the video created by Youtuber Lou from Unbox Therapy. Unbox Therapy tests out various products so we can see how they really are, and so we don’t have to test them ourselves. At the beginning of the video he was just as skeptical as myself, and when he first started tapping the side of the cup it seemed he still didn’t believe it would work the way it was advertised, but pretty quickly he went from light taps to full on slaps and that’s when I knew his reaction was exactly what mine would be. Take a look below!

Seriously, I need this cup in my life. NEED IT. Last month I had to bring my laptop in to be fixed because milk spilled all over my desk. You know who drinks milk? Kids. You know why I’ve had to service my laptop the past three times? Because of things kids spilled on my desk. If I had this cup, or multiple these cups…wow. The Apple Store would totally think I moved. And I’m cool with that. I think that’d be just swell.

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