This trampoline is covered in over 1500 water balloons and every one of them is ready to pop. When my kids saw this video, their first words were, “Whoa!” followed very shortly by, “Can we try this?” We haven’t quite yet, but after watching this I know for sure I want to. Most of the video is shot in slow motion, which is awesome because you can watch the balloons fly up as the kids’ feet hit the trampoline. It’s a colorful mismatch of wet balloons and giddy children. Wanna see? Take a look below! My kids favorites were the tiny balloons and everyone taking a turn jumping into them. My son loved watching people get splashed while they sat down, while my daughter couldn’t stop laughing at the kid flopping into them as if they were a giant pool. As for me, I love the big ones. They’re perfect. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you see the video. It’s one of those images that’s just so satisfying. That’s the balloon I want to try more than any of the others.

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balloon bonanza

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swimming in coke trampoline with water balloons

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