Youtuber TechRax and friends thought a great way to enjoy the summer would be to fill a swimming pool with Coke-Cola, Mentos, and ice, and take a dip. And we’re not talking about a kiddie pool, either. This is a 1,500 gallon humongo and it looks, well, very Coke-Cola-ish. Now, I don’t know what I expected when I thought about swimming in a pool full of Coke, but they look like they’re having a blast. Plus, unlike when you put Mentos into a bottle, these didn’t over flow. All they did was create a fun, almost jet-bubble effect. But seriously, that all happens within the first minute! You Have to see the rest of this video! Take a look below… How fun was that? After watching this video I definitely…don’t have plans to try this any time soon. The opening of the bottles alone is enough to send me running. My kids, however, are already trying to figure out exactly how many bottles they’ll need to fill Our pool. Let’s just hope summer is over before the have enough allowance!

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