You Won’t Believe What Coldwell Banker Did To This Little Girl!

Aria has been battling leukemia for a long time. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, in fact…to have a child who is sick, who may not survive. But Aria has a strong spirit and so she keeps fighting. When Coldwell Banker found out about Aria and what she was going through, they joined with Special Spaces to create a dream room for this brave little girl. Since Aria spends so much time in her room, in bed, and playing, they wanted to make sure she had a space that would help her heal and feel as normal as possible. Take a look!

I know a lot of kiddo’s dream of having a bedroom makeover, but I’m not sure I can imagine anyone quite as deserving as little Aria. We wish her the best in her recovery, and special thanks to Coldwell Banker and Special Spaces for taking the time to take care of someone so incredible.

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