This Stray Kitten Crashed A Live News Report, Earned 15-Minutes Of Fame

Now named Lucky Seven, this kitten wandered up to a  WXYZ live news reporter as he was getting ready for a broadcast and began playing. Within minutes, the entire crew, as well as the local sheriff were all enjoying time with the frisky little feline. The stray preempted the previously planned broadcast with his antics and became an internet sensation, at least for a little while. Many strays never make it far in life, but this ‘Lucky’ kitty was brought to the Humane Society of Huron Valley where it will, undoubtedly, find a home very soon. Take a look!

Lucky for this kitten he wandered into the arms of people who were so very happy to take care of him and find him a place to go. Here’s hoping for a wonderful life for Lucky Seven and a huge shout of thanks to the reporters, sheriff, and all who stepped in to offer this little guy a new chance at life.

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