This sixteen-year-old from Canada looks like a typical teen, but she’s anything but. While many her age might enjoy hanging with friends after school, or sports, or shopping, or who-knows-what, Marie Verbouw spends her afternoons doing homework next to her goats, and then click training them AND her pet roosters. hanging out with pet goat “I only use positive reinforcement,” she assures on the Facebook page she’s dedicated to her animals. From the looks of things, her animals are super happy with Marie and her training techniques. marie with two of her goats I’ve not spent much time around goats, but these look at Marie the same way my dogs look at me. It’s endearing, and something my kids couldn’t get past. My daughter now wants a pet goat of her own. The most impressive part is actually watching Marie with her animals. She has a better trained rooster than any dog I’ve ever had in my life. Take a look! I don’t know about you, but this is truly impressive to me. Perhaps in a few years we’ll see a television show about the goat or rooster whisperer? I know I’d watch it! Thanks for being such an exceptional example for my kiddo’s, Marie! You keep being you!

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