It’s summer and that means doing everything we can to cool off after we get too hot. Summer makes us long for the days in winter when we thought we’d never feel warmth again. But along with summer comes a whole heck of a lot of products that all promise to make summer way more fun, exciting, and memorable for the entire family. A big one on my family’s bucket list is Balloon Bonanza. That’s the water balloon kit that promises to make 40 balloons at once, and tie them off, and promises rainbows above your play area as you play. Since this kit can be a bit expensive, I wanted to make sure it really worked before I spent money that could possibly go toward a trip to the water park or something else fun. Luckily, YouTuber Grav3YardGirl, AKA Bunny, is willing to put her all into just about everything and she’s so funny to boot. Here’s the video of her testing out these balloons, so we don’t have to. So after seeing that I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending my money elsewhere. I’ve seen other people talking about these and how they don’t pop. Several people have even said the balloons leave bruises on their bodies. Definitely not something I’d be down with happening to my kids. Sad it’s not the summer dream maker it promises to be, but it’s okay – I’m sure something else will come along any minute that promises the same.

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