Every parent wants to believe they are raising their kids to the best of their ability. And truth is, most are. Except for an odd few, we all put our everything into raising children people will want to be around as an adult. But is that enough? What about all that time kids spend away from us? What about the things they watch on TV? What about the inundation of advertisement they face on a daily basis? What about our own unconscious prejudices? The truth is (as this video shows), kids are receiving an unconscious message about what it means to be good and bad. The problem is (again, you’ll see in the video), that message is horrifying and something I was truly saddened to watch. You’ll see below! Now, from the quality of the video you might think this was from a long time ago, but sadly it’s only four years old. And yes, a lot can change in four years. These kids have all gotten a bit older and hopefully they’ve had a chance to see the world a little differently. But, all the same, four years isn’t That long. I hope you have a chance to watch this with your own children. I plan on showing mine as soon as they get home.

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