Forget Using A Diaper Wipe Top, THIS Is How You Seal A Plastic Bag!

A video recently went crazy online about using the top of a diaper wipe container to make a chip bag resealable. Awesome, right? I mean, you’ve now got a lid to close on your chip bag. IMHO, there are a few problems with this approach. For one, you’ll have to stab a big ol hole in the top of your chip bag to open the space for your chips. Another? The opening is too small for your hand. Third? What happens when you go to close that diaper wipe top? I’m thinking crumbled chip city. Overall, I’m just saying, this is NOT a great idea. Still, whenever you want to bash one idea, it’s always best to offer an alternative. For me, that alternative came from The Crazy Russian Hacker.

If you’ve been watching the Kids Activities Blog videos for a while, you know what a HUGE fan of The Crazy Russian Hacker I am! He did this fantastic video about what happens when you put marshmallows in a vacuum, and he did a mind blowing video about making elephant toothpaste like you’ve never seen before. I’ll link to both of those videos below. For today, though, I want you to see how easy it is to seal, reseal, and reseal over and over again pretty much ANY plastic bag. Seriously, the rice one? Blew me away. Take a look!

Now, I realize you’re probably worried about the fumes from the plastic, but I tried this and they’re nothing. The ruler keeps things from going too far and it seals the bag again as well as any sealer you could buy on Amazon. Also, there’s that. The fumes this causes are no worse than the fumes you’d smell from one of those sealers you buy online. It’s also crazy effective. A couple of seconds and you’ve got a bag that’ll keep bugs and staleness out until you’re ready to use it again. Love. So thanks, you Crazy Russian Hacker, for making my life more interesting once again.

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