This dog is a big kid when it comes to her water bowl…

At some point in their lives, every kid figures out how to blow bubbles in water. As a parent it’s cute, then annoying, and also just one of those very relatable things that they, themselves, also did as a kid. Well, Maya the syberian husky is more like your kids than anyone would have ever imagined. While her puppy-daddy Kent was outside grilling ribs this Memorial Day, Maya decided to have a little fun in her water bowl. Take a look!

I’ve never seen a dog blow bubbles before, but now that I have, I’ll never forget it.  Keep being you, Maya! As for her brother Preston, Kent says he didn’t care much for blowing bubbles…but he was keenly interested in the ribs. Thanks for sharing your pups with the world, Kent! Maya is truly one-in-a-million!

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