This dog totally did NOT eat the tater tots…just ask him.

Ralph is a naughty dog, but at least he has boundaries. Like, your tater tots might go missing when he’s around, but he definitely won’t eat them. Which, in itself, is pretty danged hilarious. I’ve had dogs my entire life and have never seen them do anything like what Ralph does. In fact, we had a newfoundland when I was a tween who would ignore steaks on the counter in leu of banana bread. Banana bread. That dog loved banana bread more than anything in the world. And if you caught him right after he snatched it he might drop it, but if it was even a second later, boom! Down the gullet it went. Not Ralph, though…take a look!

I’ve seen dogs chasing lemons, dogs not catching food, dogs spooning with seals, but I’ve never seen one spit the tater tots back out before. I’ve never seen one spit anything back out before, for that matter. Not like this, at least. All I can say is this is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen and I’m so glad Ralph’s owner caught it on film. Good boy, Ralph. Good boy.

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