There aren’t many parents who don’t have piles of Legos hiding somewhere in their house. Whether the kids are still playing with them, or have outgrown them, Legos are a huge part of kid-life, and it’s sometimes hard to figure out what to do with them once the fun is over. Or, for that matter, once the bin starts to overflow. No worries, here are 9 amazing things you can do with those Legos! Seriously, I never would have thought about using Legos to make a planter, but after seeing this video I did just that. And know what? My daughter LOVES IT! She loved it so much that she used even more Legos to make a planter box for her window. Your kids might not jump in quite like mine, but thinking about ways to use Legos around the house will definitely get their little brains working. So have fun, be creative, and start building!

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