Letter F Craft — F is for Fox

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For the letter F we are making a fox. A very cute fox.

This letter F craft is super simple to set it up. You only need few supplies that you already have at home.

The best part about this craft is, of course, a moving puffy fox’s tale.

f is for fox

Supplies for letter F  craft

  • Letter F  cut out. Preferably orange  color
  • Orange  construction paper (use the extra pieces left from the letter cut out).
  • White construction paper
  • 2 google eyes
  • Orange feather
  • 1 black pompom
  • Scissors
  • Glue

letter f craft supplies


Cut out letter F. Preferably orange color and glue it on white construction paper.

Cut out two triangles. They will serve as fox’s ears. Glue them on top of the letter.

Glue googly eyes on. We chose the ones that had the eye lashes already attached.

Glue on a small black pom pom for the fox’s nose.

Glue on orange feather as fox’s tale. Make sure to glue just the top part, leave the bottom unglued. Kids will love playing with the tale that is moving up and down.

That’s it! Your letter F craft is done!  

F for fox

Watch a short video of how our  F is for Fox  craft was done. It turned out so adorable!

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