I don’t know whose mom this is, but she’s DEFINITELY the coolest mom ever!

Moms don’t always get the reputation of being cool. Most of the time they’re the ones who have to keep everyone else in line, and when you’re THAT person, it’s hard to seem cool. This mom transcends all of that and basically becomes the coolest mom on the planet when she sits down to play the drums. Not only does she SHRED in a major way, but it’s with one of those songs that oozes cool all on its own, WIPEOUT. Seriously, she sits down in a pastel pink shirt with her mom hair cut and her mom shorts and quickly becomes the coolest person on the entire flipping stage. Check it out!

Now, I can do some cool things. I know every word to almost ever Disney song ever animated…I can make brussels sprouts that the kids don’t even know are brussels sprouts…I know how to DIY old kid’s toys into a lamp…but I’m pretty sure I will NEVER be as cool as this mom. You go, mom! Keep rocking!

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