Babies know there are stages to eating ice cream…

We all (mostly all) love it. From the first time we taste it, to our birthdays, to sundae’s with friend’s, ice cream is a part of life that many of us would not willingly give up. But did you know there are stages to eating it? Unlike pizza, which you basically just scarf down the second it hits your plate, ice cream eaters know there are things we all face when it comes to that creamy, delicious treat. Luckily, the people at America’s Funniest Home Videos put together an amazing compilation of the most adorable babies ever going through every imaginable stage of eating ice cream. Take a look!

Seriously, I don’t know which part was funniest. Okay, yeah I do. That look of betrayal kids get when the brain freeze hits. Definitely the funniest part! I know I’ve been there…more than once. And I’m guessing you have, too. Still, nothing would ever stop me from eating that sweet, creamy, perfect treat. And from the look of satisfaction on these babies faces, nothing would stop them, either!

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