It looks like a tiny adult standing next to a stroller, but it’s actually super cool!

Ever wondered what your child feels in their stroller? Contour strollers did, but they took it a step further: they created an adult-sized exact replica of their stroller to give adults a chance to see exactly what their kiddo’s feel like in there. So yes. This is a gigantic baby stroller with adults in it being pushed around the city. Which, I don’t know about you but it totally cracked me up…take a look!

Seriously, how funny is that? I don’t know if they’ll be in my city anytime soon, but if they are I Definitely want to climb on board…you know, because. Seriously, though, since littles can’t exactly say how they feel about being in these things, it’s kinda nice to think that it might be as pleasant as these adults all felt it to be. Thanks for the experience, Contour!

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