A boy is given a disabled puppy he doesn’t want…

This short animated film has ALL the feels. It’s so incredible, in fact, that it’s won over fifty awards. Even more, the maker of the film was contacted by Disney/Pixar after they saw it and offered a job on the spot. But it’s so much more than the quality of the film…it’s the meaning. This angry little boy is going through a tough time and his mom decides to give him a present to help him cope. But when he sees the disabled puppy that comes out of the box, the little boy couldn’t be angrier and what happens next is so incredible you’ll want to watch it over and over…take a look!

It’s so easy to think we’re entirely alone in our pain, and this video captures that feeling perfectly. I don’t know what Jacob Frey (the video creator) has planned next, but I’ll definitely be lined up to see it!

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