He set up a camera to watch birds hatch, but caught THIS instead!

HUGE WARNING:: This video is NOT for sensitive viewers!

But it IS really cool to see. YouTube user Tan Nguyen spotted a bird’s nest in a tree near his home and decided to set up a GoPro camera to capture the miracle of life. While he absolutely DID do exactly that, it was NOT in the way he’d expected. The video starts out as you’d expect with a bird resting on the eggs, but as soon as the bird flies away, everything changes…

Whoa. That’s really all I can say. Just, whoa. I watched this video with my ten-year-old daughter and expected anger or tears at the end, but she truly surprised me. Yes, her jaw dropped as it happened, but then she spent the next fifteen minutes telling me all about the circle of life and how they studied it in school. So what I thought would be a teachable moment of me teaching my daughter about nature and unexpected loss, turned into a teachable moment of HER teaching ME all about life and science. It isn’t often that she truly blows me away, but she truly blew me away with this one. I’d be really interested to find out how your kids react to this video! Please tell me about it on our Facebook page!

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