A Is For Angel — Letter A Craft

This Letter A Craft is one of our favorite letter A activities for preschoolers. They will have an easier time learning their letters and making phonetic connections when provided with activities that are engaging.

Making an angel as a letter A craft is a fun way to introduce the very first alphabet letter. It’s a really simple craft and kids are always very impressed of the end result.

They love working with pipe cleaners and feathers that are being used in this craft.

letter A 1

Supplies needed for our Letter A Craft:

  • pipe cleaner
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 2 feathers
  • marker
  • construction paper in any color but white
  • letter A cut out (white color)
  • glue
  • scissors

letter a craft


Trace and cut out letter A.

Glue it on the construction paper.

Shape the pipe cleaner to look like angel aureole and glue it on top of the letter.

Glue on the googly eyes and the feathers. They will be angel’s wings.

Use marker to draw angel’s lips.

A is for Angel craft is done!


Watch the short video to see how we made letter A angel.

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