This Rescued Pup RAISES Baby Animals At The Cincinnati Zoo!!

Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows just how loving they are in return. Blakely, the once abandoned Australian Shepard, takes things way further while living at the Cincinnati Zoo. When baby animals are raised by zoo keepers, they aren’t able to learn the animal cues they need to be successful when introduced to their own kind. That’s where Blakely steps in! With the same kind of unmeasurable tolerance and love found in all ‘mothers’, Blakely teaches his babies to play, teaches them how to interact, what’s acceptable behavior, what isn’t. And more than anything, Blakely is there to give them love and affection during those early weeks and months of bonding. Check it out!

Way to go, Blakely! Who’s a good boy? You are. Oh, yes you are! I hope the people at the zoo give you a big ol’ treat and a kiss on the nose from me!

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