Gwyneth Paltrow ‘took’ a Toddlerography Dance Class, and it was BRUTAL!

Anyone who has ever even laid eyes on a kiddo knows they are constant whirlwinds of energy, excitement, and motion. If they aren’t wiggling, it’s because they’re asleep. And apparently they were so sleepy that they aren’t actually moving IN said sleep. So what’s a celebrity who is abreast of all things fitness, fashion, and health to do in the face of a new health craze? Why experience it of course!

Okay, okay, maybe it isn’t actually a phase, but I truly can’t wait to try it in my own home! How fun does that look? Seriously, I’m guessing if I moved around as much as my toddler, I’d probably lose all my baby weight, plus some! Plus, those kids looked like they had a BLAST letting the adults copy them, and I just KNOW my own toddler would be completely down for that. Your’s, too, I’m guessing!

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