Kids try 100 years of sack lunches…with hilarious results!

So I’m not sure how old some of these kids think their parents are, but when one of the first kids said, “I feel so bad for my parents that they had to eat like this” about one of the lunches from the 1910’s, I knew we were in for a fun ride! These kids try lunches from every decade from 1900 through  now and while there are some surprises (that was really good!) mostly this is hilarious because of the faces they make when it’s not-as-great. Check it out!

I think truly the best part of this was watching it with the kiddo and getting to explain some of the historical significance. Like, my daughter had no idea why kids in the 1930’s would have eaten like that until I told her about the great depression. And I can see it through her eyes, too. It’s hard to imagine it from books, but to see it in real life situations, like sack lunches, definitely changes things.

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