This year, we are hosting Thanksgiving again.   Hubby, our 3 kids, his ex-wife, my divorced parents both coming, you know…Thanksgiving.   This is my third year to host Thanksgiving with this gathering, and while it has gone smoothly in the past and everyone walked away stuffed &   happy, I never felt like it was THE Thanksgiving meal.

thanksgiving table

You know what I mean?

As in…I want to wow our Thanksgiving guests with Martha-Stewart-esque side dishes that are simple to prepare.   Not too much to ask, right?   Right?

I have already committed to making Jalapeno  Cornbread for Hubby this year, and we are frying our turkey. (I have managed to pawn off this task to my father   every year & have yet to roast my own bird).

So I am looking for BurbMom reader help!   Throw out some   names of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes in the comments section.   I’ll do the work and Google recipes…I just need a starting place!

I am open to all sorts of ideas…my dad is from Louisiana and loves all things spicy.   My Mom is a California girl with simple tastes.   My kids are, well, kids and you   just never know what they’ll try and like!   My Hubby?   He only likes turkey, potatoes, corn,  & cornbread so this adventure is really for everyone else to partake in.

Heck, I’ll even name the dish after you!   Mary Beth’s Cranberry Walnut Salad?   Mrs. Finnaker’s Oyster Dressing?   Works for me!   Just help me figure out where to start…please?

Welcome to Kids Activities!

My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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  1. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Banana Pudding and Deviled Eggs. Every year I experiment with new recipes several weeks before Thanksgiving to possibly include in my Turkey Day menu.

  2. Pam–I will search for the relish recipe. I love to send guests home with something special!!

    Holly–YES PLEASE on the Party Potatoes recipe!

    ScrewedUpTexan–THANK YOU for your menu!! Must check out Cookie Salad (!?!) and I hadn’t thought about a veggie platter. Will add that to the list!

    You guys all rock!

  3. Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows
    Green Bean Casserole
    Mash Potatoes with Turkey/Boiled Egg Gravy
    Ants on a Log (peanut butter filled celery with raisons on top)
    Homemade cranberry sauce (more like a spread and better than canned stuff)
    Cookie Salad USE THIS RECIPE:,1843,147186-255199,00.html
    Veggie platter with black olives, celery, broccoli, carrots and dipping sauce
    Dinner Rolls! Use those frozen ones in the freezer aisle (they look like balls). Follow directions per bag. These are the best rolls and are the tastiest if you dont want to make them yourself
    Dont forget dessert! Pies Pies Pies and more pies. Make everybody bring at least one to share.

  4. Oh! I need to post my MIL’s recipe for Party Potatoes which is potatoes, cream cheese and sour cream all mixed together. It is awesome and as you might guess…a bit rich.

  5. I’ve been “doing it” long enough that I rarely follow recipes anymore. One real WOW! dish I’ve served is acorn squash in their shell…. Halve the squash (vertically), scoop out the seeds. Lay them cut side up on a baking sheet (you may need to slice the bottom a bit so they’ll sit level. Fill each cavity w/ a mixture 1:1 of heavy cream and maple syrup. Bake @ 350 until browned & soft – ’bout 40 min. The cream & syrup thickens, and then you serve it like a soup bowl.

    One recipe I DO follow every year (and make tons, put it in mason jars and give as gifts), is an AMAZING cranberry relish. Go to and search by cranberry, ruby port, shallots. It’s great over brie all thru the holidays.