Two-year-old Wendy was tired, wanted to take a nap, wanted to give her dog more bones, and when mom wouldn’t have it she pulled out all the stops – she started arguing with her mom like an adult! Don’t worry though – this all happened a LONG time ago. According to mom, Wendy is now a happy, very sweet, and polite twenty-one-year-old who has every right to argue exactly as she’d like now – but chooses not to…just take a look! I think the thing I love most is that this video really is so very old. It was originally taken using an 8mm camera and uploaded to Youtube in 2011. But what I love is that it’s proof that even the most precocious children really can grow up to be very sweet and happy. So if you’ve got a little at home who is just a little, well, not-always-great…no worries! Just like Wendy, they’ll probably grow up to be just fine…

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colored on tummy

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toddler mad at mom toddler arguing like an adult

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