Ant Bite Cake

The first week that we lived in the hostel, our cook, Hanatu, made us the most delicious and moist chocolate cake!    Hanatu has cooked at the hostel for 17 years and she does a wonderful job. Anyhow, we had guests over for dinner and we all enjoyed the cake.

After they left I put foil on the cake and left it on the counter.

Thursday morning when I went into the kitchen there were ants crawling all over the cake!!!!

ant bite cake

Oh, imagine my disappointment!! Plus, I felt awful that I had ruined Hanatu's delicious cake. Why didn't I put it in the refrigerator? So when Hanatu arrived I greeted her and apologized for ruining the cake. She said no problem, that she would put the cake in the oven, heat it up and the ants would flee, making the cake edible again.

OK ¦I ™m sure that your first thought is Alycia, don't tell me you ate the cake after ants had been all over it ¦gross ¦just throw it out.  Well, I am happy to say that all the ants departed the cake and we ate it ¦every last bit. I was assured by my sister-in-law (who has lived here for 9 years) that it was perfectly safe. We even invited our neighbors over to enjoy the cake with us and their kids loved it ¦especially with a glass of powdered milk (fresh milk is very expensive here so we used powdered milk most of the time). We did let them know about the ants, but they didn't mind.

So, I ™ve been calling it ant bite cake ¦a little crunchy but still so good (ok ¦ JK about the crunchy part).


  1. That is fantastic! I would have had a piece 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha. I was laughing so hard b/c I would totally do that! Actually, I do that all of the time…but I just dont tell my guests. Weavils in my flour? Oh well cause I aint throwing it out.

  3. That is a neat little trick! I will never admit if I use it in the future, but rest assured anytime I see an ant in close proximity to a cake…I will think of you! ha.

  4. It wouldn’t be so bad, except for the photo. That’s what freaks me out. Hee!

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