So a friend calls Wednesday morning and want to know our afternoon plans..
Not much really..
Well , There is anew “skate” park that just opened up and its outside, free and the boys can bring bikes, scooter, or skateboards.
Great!! This has 3 of my favorite things..
Outside.. New.. and FREE!!!!
We are soo in! I’ll be at your house a little after 3:00
Great I will make a fresh batch of pumpkin cookies.
I will bring a cooler with drinks and my NEW fancy camera these will be great action shots!
So we are suburban moms in our suburban of toys with our 3 boys, one of which is in a private school uniform. Headed to the skate park!
So we get to the skate park and my friend and I look at each other. Wow! There are a lot of people here. Oh well, come on it will be ok..
So, We find our parking spot right by the front and start unloading..
3 bikes.. check
2 skateboards .. check
2 scooters.. check..
one cooler of drinks. .. check..
Cookies.. check
New Big fancy camera.. check
So we wag all our stuff into the park..
The boys head off to have a good time..
Then we look around.. (cue scary music)
We are the only ones there with kids..
Everyone is in their late teens or early 20’s.
Why aren’t these people in school??
Why aren’t they at their job??
Oh well, It will be fine..
Ok So we are the ONLY females there.
Uhmmm …
Then a guy falls in front of us and lets out a stream of curse words you wouldn’t hear on HBO.
( well there’s bound to be one)
Then I notice there’s a group smoking..
Then Another guy and some not so nice words.
Then Landry comes over and says” hey, that guy over there introduced himself to me..”
Ok that’s it we are outta here!!!
Looking back I bet we were very funny. Pulling up in our suburban with our kids .. and our little cooler and home made cookies and my cross t shirt and hat. Not exactly skate park material.
Oh well .. no permanent damage done
We actually used it as a teachable moment in that this is not what God wants for his children. Playing and having fun and being outside good..smoking .. cusing.. and being 20 and hanging out there ..not good..
We also went back thru the Don’t talk to strangers, don’t take anything from a stranger.. blah blah blah..
They did have fun for the 10 minutes we were there. Maybe a 8:30 in the morning would be a good time to go. It’s a neat concept OR someone with some $$ needs to make a skate park for ages 14 and under..

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