I. Love. Lip Sync Battle…in all its forms. My favorite so far have been the battles that took place on Jimmy Fallon. Sure, sure, the show with that name is cool and fun and all, but there just seems to be a bit more unpredictability when Jimmy gets involved. Take, for instance, his most recent guest Melissa McCarthy. Now, Mel (as she’ll let me call her when someday she and I become besties) is a bit unpredictable to begin with, but put her in a lip sync competition and you’ll see a whole new side of her! Just take a look… (quick note: one of the songs does have some fairly graphic NSFW material, but it has been completely bleeped out. If you want to skip that part entirely and get straight to Melissa’s epic performance, start the video at the 6:00 mark!) When it first started I couldn’t figure out why she’d put on the goggles, but after the ‘mess’ that took place, I’m so glad she did! All I can say is she’s an amazing sport and such a swell gal (seriously, Mel – call me). I’m so glad she showed her colors on that show because I haven’t laughed so hard in a Very long time!

Want to see more awesome singing?

Her dad sets up a microphone and what she sings? Sweetest thing you have ever heard!

little girl sings

Everyone sings along to Bohemian Rhapsody, but keep your eye on the little boy in the back seat!

bohemian rhapsody Melissa McCarthy Lip Sync Battle

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