Emily was in a horrific accident that almost took her life, but instead she’s become a real life inspiration. After several major surgeries, Emily is able to walk again, though she is now an amputee. Something else that happened in the accident? She got a huge bump on the head…so now she has trouble with her short term memory. All of these obstacles could have left Emily angry, and bitter about how her life has changed – for one, instead of being in college like most kids her age, she’s goes to a daily rehab facility – but instead, Emily takes time out of her life to talk to other amputees and help them come to terms with their new lives. She’s truly a walking miracle and her zest for life is something that should inspire us all…just take a look! How inspiring is she? I’m not sure how I would handle waking up after an accident like that, but I hope I’m able to have even half the grace and perseverance as Emily. I truly wish her the best in her journey ahead and I hope she continues to inspire others through her journey.

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