Special needs student finds out she’s gotten into college

Rachel Grace had to work harder in high school than most of the rest of her class. Not only because she was her team’s basketball manager, but because Rachel had to also overcome the physical and educational obstacles that come with having down syndrome. While many of us take for granted the idea of getting into college, and starting the next step in  life, Rachel truly didn’t know if she’d make it or not. So when she receives a letter from the college of her choice, her mom started recording…all the while not sure if Rachel would make it in or not…

I can’t even begin to describe how privileged I feel that Rachel and her mom shared this moment with the world. I know I’ll certainly take a little less for granted after watching the exceptional joy Rachel felt at finding out she’d been accepted. Good luck on the next four years, Rachel! You are going to experience so many new and amazing things.

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