Police officer Kenny Bowman went above and beyond the call of duty when he pulled over these two young offenders for driving recklessly and without a seatbelt, to boot. Okay, so actually they’re his four and six year old children and he might just be the best dad ever. After coming home from work, he saw the kids playing on their Hot Wheels and decided to play with them. While still in uniform, he pulled them over for a routine traffic stop, but then THIS happened… He has no back-up, floor it!” is going to be burned into my brain as the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, ever now. I absolutely love watching him play with his kiddo’s, and am so  grateful he’s able to come home from work and be present with them in such a way. Great daddy-ing, officer! Be safe out there, sir! And keep being a fantastic dad to those two cheeky babies!

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