This Is The Song Your Kids Are Going Crazy For Right Now!

It’s about a hamster. On a piano. Eating popcorn. Seriously, that’s the whole song. And I wouldn’t even know about it if two of my tween nieces hadn’t told me to watch it over the past week. I thought they were just messing with me, but I asked a friend of mine who teaches elementary school and she confirmed it: apparently hamster eating popcorn on a piano is the new HIT song. Who knew?

I mean, it IS cute. And that hamster does look pretty pleased just eating his popcorn. And, oh my, that song is stuck in my head now. In fact, I’m a little afraid it’ll be stuck in my head forever now. Hamster on a piano…hamster on a piano…hamster on a piano…

Ahhhh! At least we’re not singing Let It Go anymore. I’ll be happy with that.

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hamster on a piano eating popcorn