Emily Clark was always smiling. Always happy. At 22 she was excited about becoming a nurse, and looking forward to the rest of her life. Like most 22-year-olds, Emily also took a lot of selfies. Happy pictures of her happy times to remember when things get rough. Then, tragedy struck: a tractor trailer barreled into an SUV carrying Emily and four of her fellow nursing students and all five girls died at the scene. Grieving at the loss of their sister, their daughter, their sweet Emily, the family never expected they’d see the pictures she took in her final days…as her phone was also destroyed in the crash. Then six months later, an amazing call came in… “It’s like she came alive again,” her father says, struggling to hold back tears. The family, bereft from their tragic loss…had been given an unexpectedly sweet gift to see their loved one once again. Rest well, Emily. And our thoughts are with your family.

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