Kids are unpredictable. No matter how you think they might react to news, they always find a way of blowing your reaction out of the water. Take this pregnancy reveal, for instance. When mom and dad found out she was having not just one, but two babies, they decided to catch the moment of telling their boys on video. What they never imagined was just how each of their three boys would take the news of the newest family members… “HOW AM I GOING TO TELL THEM APART!” Cries the boy in the backseat, while the middle kiddo is very, very convinced that those are indeed NOT babies, but rather just nostrils. It’s okay, mom and dad…sounds like you’ve got at least six or so more months to convince these kiddo’s that all truly will be well. Good luck to the entire family, and to the oldest – don’t worry…you’ll be a fantastic big brother all over again.

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