Morgan Freeman Reads A Justin Bieber Song…And It’s AMAZING!

Morgan Freeman has a voice that makes normal, mortal voices seem weak and useless. Seriously, he could read a phone book and I’d tune in to listen. Which is exactly what makes this so amazing. It’s not a phone book. This is Morgan Freeman doing a dramatic reading of Justin Bieber’s hit song, “Love Yourself.” Now, I’ll admit I’ve never been a huge fan of the Beebs. I’m not a Belieber. But I actually like this song. Still, somehow this makes it even more amazing. Just take a listen!

“My mother, well, she never liked you. And she likes…everyone.” I laughed so loud when I heard that I woke up my napping dog. It’s okay, though. He fell right back to sleep. I, however, have forever been changed by this. Thank you, Mr. Freeman, for having such a fabulous sense of the dramatic…and for making me love this song even more.

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