This 2-Year-Old Is HORRIBLE At Keeping Secrets!

I thought about waiting until Mother’s Day to share this video with you all, but much like Leah I just couldn’t wait. When 2-year-old Leah and her dad made a present for her mom for Mother’s Day, dad told Leah to keep it a secret…hide it until the day. But Leah (much like me) just can’t keep a good thing to herself…

“It’s not a gift, it’s a mirror!” I love her earnest little determination to make sure mom knows every single thing about her surprise…including the fact that she can’t know about it yet. And the fact that Leah rehides it after she’s done. You’re a cutie pie, Leah! Keep being you; honesty will take you far in life.

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Her dad sets up a microphone and what she sings? Sweetest thing you have ever heard!

little girl sings

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two year old mother's day