So this week the new Bluejack National golf course The Playgrounds (for kids) opened up and  was christened  by Tiger Woods and a group of specially picked kids throughout the state. Not only was this course designed specifically by Tiger Woods, but the kids who were picked for this inaugural  game were truly worthy of the experience. Even knowing all of that, the most amazing thing that happened wasn’t that the course opened, but what happened when the very first golfer, Taylor Crozier (11), stepped up to the tee…

A hole-in-one with Tiger Woods standing by watching? I’m thinking this is a day Taylor, and everyone else who was there, will never forget. Especially not Tiger Woods.

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These kids went crazy after winning the game, but then THIS happened

basketball shot

His team did everything they could to give this disabled player a shot, but it’s the OTHER team that blew me away.

disabled player

Tiger Woods kid golf course

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