I Called the Police on Facebook

shauna profileNot 911, of course ¦just the Non-Emergency Line.

I am sitting here laughing at myself as I write this.

So “ on Friday I had a meeting with my wonderful sales rep, Rachel. We were finishing up our meeting & looking something up on Facebook (isn't that what YOU do in meetings) when a chat box opens up. It is one of my blog design customers who I worked with about a year ago. She starts telling me that something terrible has happened “ she was mugged in Wales last night “ everything was stolen “ her husband is freaking out ¦and so on. Then comes the kicker ¦wait for it ¦wait for it ¦ So, can you Western Union $940 to me right now so we can make our flight? 

I start scouring Facebook for a link to report fraud and cannot find one. I call my local authority on all things Internet fraud “ the local police “ for their advice. I am sure that the dispatcher meant well when she told me that I needed to file a police report. I responded with a dumb founded really??!?!?  She confirms her answer.   I told her I would call back after I got a little more information from the culprit.

I kept working my suspect for more information. I got a name (that wasn't my friend's “ shocker) and address. And told them I was off to Western Union.   I called the local police station back to file my report “ they sent two officers to my house. Not even kidding. I told the officers about the Facebook fraud & they advised me that you DO NOT actually file a police report for Facebook crimes “ you contact Facebook directly.

Huh ¦imagine that.   We stood around and laughed about the incident, chatted some more about social media, websites and such.   I realized about 10 minutes into the chit-chat   that Johnny Law doesn't have much else to do on a Friday afternoon in the burbs, than act on Facebook crimes!

If you are ever a victim of fraud on Facebook, report it to abuse@facebook.com rather than the police.


  1. I am glad you listed the address to report FB fraud to. The same thing happened to me once…my friend was robbed in London & needed money. Hadn’t talked to this friend in 10 years other than just meeting again on FB. So I played the culprit, asking them if they had “spent the $100 Grandma gave her” and “what about the credit card I gave her before she left town?” They agreed and had answers for all my phony questions…then I busted them. BUT I was so excited to bust them that I forgot to get any information. DUH!

    You are So funny about calling the police. I would have done the same thing 🙂

  2. All the information for fb hacking is now simple to become social spy!

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