The Texas State Fair…Our First Visit!

Thanks to and GMC, Reese and I enjoyed a free day at the Texas State Fair a few weeks ago!

We met up with lots of our buddies, rode tons of rides, had a fantastic *free* lunch at the GMC tents, & even got to check out the 2010 GMCs. I was truly impressed with the gas mileage of the new crossovers!

Fun with my boy!

We LOVED the Lego Tents!

Where is Reese anyway?

Lots of building opportunities at the Lego Tents…

We were challenged to build something that “started with an A, but not an apple” in 2 minutes…Reese built a jail for our Alpaca…

And Mommy built the Alpaca!
It was really hard to think of something that started with an “A”…
We rode lots of rides with our buddies, then the boys got their faces painted.
Reese was frustrated that he had a limited selection to choose from (Mommy would only pay for the cheapest category of face paint, Reese wanted the full-face paint that cost $20!)
So he ended up choosing the scorpion, which was scary enough to please this boy…
This was us riding the gondola…

We had never visited the State Fair before (and I’ve lived in the DFW area for 11 years now!) and I’m glad BurbMom provided this opportunity so I would drag myself out there. The weather held out and stopped raining for a day, the rides were fun, the crowd was not bad at all, & Reese and I had a fantastic time.

Apparently though, we missed a whole bunch of the exhibits that are a big part of the State Fair. Next time we go, I’m going to see if we can tag along with someone who has been before (Deb!, Melissa!) and they can show us the ins and outs!
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