We all think our kids have the voices of angels, but Claire might actually have stollen an angel’s voice. Okay, maybe she just sounds amazingly sweet, but I honestly have never heard a child this young sing all the lyrics to a song so well. To make things even sweeter? She’s singing a song I’ve heard dozens of times before and would never have imagined could sound any sweeter…just listen… “Did I do it, dad? I did it.” *dries eyes* If this is Claire at three years old, can you just imagine this sweet baby a few years from now? All I can say is watch out, world, because this one is coming… Want to see more adorable little kiddo’s? Ella Mae sings “An American Trilogy” by Elvis Presley…and it is PRICELESS! baby sings Elvis The most adorable thing EVER happens when this baby sneezes… baby sneeze little girl sings Little Mermaid

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